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About me

Water Ripple

Hi I’m Anu.

I like to describe myself as a social entrepreneur, designer and concept creator all in one. That’s because I have been an entrepreneur since the past 25 years having dabbled in furniture, accessories, gifts, apparel, space planning, stationery and all things beautiful.

I have been a wholesaler and a retailer having had the opportunity to learn from the best, from top level designers and buyers. I like to keep things simple and sensible for all. 

That’s why I am content with having a small production unit in India where I love to get my hands “dirty” at the workshop level and brainstorm with the producers to bring the best in form and function. My producers in the workshop are my lifeline. They are supremely skilled at what they do having picked up their trade from their forefathers. Together we create beautiful objects to please our customers as we also try to empower each other through our knowledge sharing. They teach me how to make things while I bring new ideas and to their tables.


We also share a common life mission to also try to break their families out of the cycle of poverty and illiteracy. We have a nonprofit called Living Dreams Foundation through which we give back to the artisan community and those who need a helping hand to thrive and flourish.


Having worked with in the industry for decades now, I have a fairly good idea of what customers need:

A simple process, understanding concept and products that reflect a vision.  All at a sensible price. Our model is interactive, we continually communicate to ensure that our client and we are on the same page. So, let’s begin at the beginning. 

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